Bonus Content

Welcome to our bonus content page,where you will find bonus scenes with your favorite characters! All bonus content contains SPOILERS for the book in question.

Bonus scenes, now available!

Chapter one of The Girlfriend Stage from Josh’s point of view. We unlocked this one when we reached 100 reviews on The Extra.

Deleted Josh Point of View from My Faire Lady. Revealed after the My Faire Lady launch.

Jenna meets Felix on Hollywood Boulevard, Jenna’s POV. This one was unlocked when we reached 200 total reviews on Extra Series books on Amazon. Thanks for leaving reviews! We hope you enjoy this scene.

Upcoming Bonus scenes:

Under the Stars scene from chapter of the Girlfriend Stage, Josh’s POV. This one will be unlocked when either Janci or Megan reaches 200 Bookbub followers. Follow Janci here and Megan here.

Felix and Jenna’s first time from Everything We Are, Jenna’s POV. This will be unlocked when we reach a combined total of 50 reviews on Amazon for the Girlfriend Stage. Head to our Amazon links and help us reach our goal!