Get Everything We Might Have Been for free!

Want to try an Extra Series book for free? Join our readers’ group and get a free copy of Everything We Might Have Been–the alternate history story of Felix and Jenna. This is a full-length, standalone, steamy romance novel that tells the story of what might have happened if Felix and Jenna (from Everything We Are) met in high school. It can be read independently of the rest of the series, so grab your copy today!

When We Fell is out today!

When We Fell, prequel to Ex on the Beach, is the story of how Kim Watterson and Blake Pless first fell in love–and then fell apart. Kim and Blake have their second chance in Ex on the Beach, but what happened the first time around? Find out in When We Fell! You can grab it today for 2.99 on Kindle, or read for free in KU!

One thing to be aware of, unlike ALL our other books, this one does end in a cliff hanger rather than a happily ever after, as first chances tend to do. But don’t worry! Ex on the Beach is available, and you can dive right into their second chance story and experience Kim and Blake’s happily ever after, whether you’ve read it before or not. When We Fell is meant to be a new entry point for the series, so you can read these books even if you haven’t read the others. Kim and Blake have been mentioned in the other books, but they aren’t as connected to many of the other characters, so you won’t be missing a thing. (But of course you’ll eventually want to go back and read the other books in the series, because why wouldn’t you. :)

It’s launch day for Ex on the Beach!

Ex on the Beach, book eleven in The Extra Series, is now available! You can buy it on Amazon or read it for free in Kindle Unlimited. It’s on sale at a special release price until the end of the week, so grab it now, don’t wait!

Ex on the Beach is a second chance romance, the story of A-list actors and former Hollywood It Couple Kim Watterson and Blake Pless, who divorced six years ago. Rumors abound in Hollywood as to what went wrong…and it turns out not even Kim and Blake know the truth.

In celebration of the release of Ex on the Beach, we want to share with you the actors we picked to represent Kim and Blake:

And the Ex on the Beach Playlist!

Would you pick different actors? What songs would you put on the playlist? Be sure to let us know when you’ve read the book.

We hope you enjoy reading Ex on the Beach as much as we enjoyed writing it. Happy reading!

Countdown to Su-Lin: it’s playlist time!

Su-Lin’s Super Awesome Casual Dating Plan comes out in five days! We are so excited for you to read it, and as part of our countdown, we’d like to share our playlist. Su-Lin and Brendan have a lot of great songs. Some of them come from the book (Re: Your Brains, Guns and Ships, and So Close in particular), and all of them evoke the energy that is uniquely Brendan and Su-Lin. If you haven’t pre-ordered the book yet, it’s not too late to get it at the pre-order price! And enjoy this playlist, in all its Super Awesome glory!

Beauty and the Bassist Playlists!

It’s playlist time! We have two lists to share with you. The first is our playlist of songs that remind us of Shane and Allison from Beauty and the Bassist. The second is a playlist of songs that sound like Shane’s band, accidental erotica. They’re all early Goo Goo Dolls songs (with Robby Takac vocals) and early Cage the Elephant.

Do these sound like Beauty and the Bassist to you? What songs would you add?